13 Sep 2011

Fluoridation is now effectively dead in England

UK Councils Against Fluoridation report the good news that the Health Authority have abandoned plans to fluoridate the North West. This is great news as it makes any plans for fluoridation across England and Gloucestershire less likely. The Chief Executive of the North West Strategic Health Authority, Mark Ogden, concluded they would not have enough time to carry out the detailed 'public consultation', that the costs of any such consultation would be very large, and that the capital costs of the project would be around £200 million which was far higher than had been expected initially, and in the present financial crisis is unaffordable.
"Fluoridation is effectively dead in England, even if it is a bit slow to lie down - now let's see it abandoned in the rest of the World!" UK Councils Against Fluoridation
See more at our Safe Water Campaign for Gloucestershire website here. I do hope the UK Councils group are right. However I note that the pro-fluoridation lobby has failed to lie down so far despite the huge and growing evidence against water fluoridation. We'll see - we wont be disbanding the campaign group yet!

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