9 Sep 2011

Business as usual for the arms trade?

Here below is what the Campaign Against the Arms Trade write about the day of action next Tuesday to highlight the Arms Fair and a mention of the Campaign for Accountability of American Bases:

Despite widespread horror that UK weapons have been turned on protesters in the Arab Spring, it is business as usual for the arms companies - and for the government. Next week the ugly face of that business will be obvious: 25,000 buyers and sellers will arrive in London for the massive arms-selling jamboree that is the DSEi arms fair.

If you want to know what an arms fair is all about, consider this abhorrent pre-DSEi event: "Middle East: a vast market for UK Defence & Security Companies." Due to take place this Thursday, speakers from the government will offer arms companies a "detailed update on opportunities" for sales to repressive regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

But our actions are having an impact - click read more to see more

The event was to be hosted by the Royal Bank of Scotland, which just last week was embarrassed into ending its funding for cluster bomb manufacture. We made the event public and announced a demonstration. Within 24 hours the event was no longer being advertised and RBS had pulled out from hosting it. We're glad they seem to have some shame, but hiding from awkward protests is not enough: these sickening activities need to end.

Next Tuesday is the day to take action

Next Tuesday 13 September is the first day of the arms fair and the day we really want to make our mark. Join us for an action-packed day in London.

Take part in a photo-stunt and protest at parliament. Tell the government to stop its financial and logistical support for the arms fair and stop arming repressive regimes!
Lobby your MP: book to meet your MP during the protest and put your message across in person!
Join other CAAT supporters for creative awareness-raising action after the protest.
Find out more about the plans and let us know you're coming.
Watch the video and share it. DSEi: The ultimate retail experience and consider signing the petition here. Already 26 people are registered in the Stroud area.

Campaign for Accountability of American Bases

Recently I had an email from the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases - CAAB
who are based in Yorkshire. They had seen my blogs regarding the recent Fairford protests - see here. I have been meaning to give them a plug as this is one of those issues that doesn't get enough of a mention. I was amazed to find out that we have 10 US bases and the US also have a presence in other bases. The campaigners work non-violently to highlight the US role over here and to oppose the US Missile Defence System. See: http://www.caab.org.uk/

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