19 Aug 2011

Write to MP to stop privatisation of NHS

I am getting more and more uneasy about this health bill - it really is dire and a significant leap towards privatisation - there is no other way you can look at it. I like many local people have written to our MP re the NHS. Here is my latest email below.

Dear Mr Carmichael,

Thank you for your reply re the NHS. Despite what you note I urge you to vote against the health bill. It will lead to privatisation of the NHS. Even if this is not the intent, the health bill will lead to private sector companies taking over many services from the NHS, even after the commissioning and competition plans have been revised.

There remains a huge risk that the health bill will open up the NHS to the EU rules on competition. Private health providers have already stated that they will use these to force NHS services into competition. The Health bill does not protect NHS services it exposes them to further financial risk and many could close as a result.

The government has already announced that 1£bn worth of contracts will soon go outside the NHS. Yet we already know that the NHS is among the developed world's most efficient health systems according to the new report in the Journal  of the Royal Society of Medicine. The biggest shakeup of the NHS is happening at the same time as the biggest ever savings (£20bn), which are creating cuts in staffing right across the NHS. The health bill will add further pressure. The NHS needs stability not chaos.

Please reassure me that you will not support the health bill.

Yours sincerely, Philip Booth

You too can email Neil  Carmichael at: Or contact your MP here. See more re the campaign to save the NHS at: http://www.nhscampaign.org/ Click on NHS label below to see recent blogs re the NHS.

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