7 Aug 2011

Thermilate: paint that insulates - or does it?

So what is this Thermilate paint that claims to insulate? Well I've struggled to find very much other than what the manufacturer says and the testimonials they have on their website. However they claim Coca Cola, IKEA, the NHS, MoD and more use the product. See more on their website here. I have to say the website is not great to navigate....

However it does seem this product is worth a look? You basically add it to your paint and then put on two coats - possibly with a top coat of just paint. It works by creating a thermal barrier which prevents heat loss when used internally in cold countries and prevents heat gain through walls and ceilings in hot countries when used externally. However it uses nano technology - something I am slightly wary of as there seems so little research into the effects on the environment and people using these products.

Anyhow I received a comment from a Whiteshill resident re the use of Thermilate and they say that they believe it has cut their heating bills. Is it worth the £20 or so per room? Well if it cuts energy use by even a small amount it could be? A local energy expert wrote: "On the thermalite paint... it may be better than nothing but would not be as good as insulation." If you know more please let me know - I would be very interested.

Lastly we are gearing up to this September's Eco-Renovation Open Homes weekend on 10th/11th September - more info coming soon but see more about what we have to offer at: http://www.stroudopenhomes.org.uk/

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hdp said...

Hi Philip

I used the Thermalite additive in contractors PVA to paint a room I've always had trouble with. Our walls are solid brick and this room juts out from the rest of the house so is exposed on 3 sides. I have no technical info on it but the room is noticeably warmer and even usable after 3 coats of Thermalite and 1 coat of finishing paint.