25 Aug 2011

Randwick carpark for housing?

As you may be aware Stroud District Council is undertaking a review of its 34 car parks across the district. The online consultation finishes on 9th September. A paper outlining the background to the car parks service, the District Council's proposals and online questionnaires can be found at www.stroud.gov.uk/parkingreview

The District has a challenge in balancing the need for income, not encouraging folks to drive to Cribbs Causeway, enhancing the local economy and trying to help cut carbon emissions. Among the current proposals are charges to be introduced at Nailsworth, Dursley and Wotton car parks with some settlements like Minchinhampton, Berkeley and Cainscross remaining free. However the proposal for our Randwick car park of 11 spaces is that it is either owned or managed locally, sold for private parking spaces or considered for other uses such as housing development. Well there are complications re access to the garages - could those be overcome? Would that be the best way forward? Parking, I am told, at that site is mainly for some residents and their visitors? Is this true? If so should we be subsidising those residents or should those permits be introduced?

The Parish Council will be making it's views known. I have submitted initial thoughts but I would also welcome hearing more what people in the village have to say.

One issue already raised relates to Nailsworth where at one of the schools there is no drop off point so parents are using car parks. The changes could have significant implications for children being dropped off and picked up as the minimum charge will be 50p in Nailsworth car parks. Some families make the trip three times a day. Will charges encourage more unsafe drop offs?

I would urge others in the village to also complete the questionnaire if they haven't already.

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