2 Aug 2011

GRIN campaign

No this is not about smiling more. Some might remember my video of Gloucestershire Pride - see here - well it finished with a photo of me with Respect on my face (see left).....this was all part of a newish campaign GRIN or Global Respect in Education.

The campaign was started by a British teenage student in response to the large number of LGBTQ teen suicides both in the UK and US.  They have been going to various events to highlight the problems of bullying and are seeking ways to empower people. They want enough of us to demand equality and respect for all in education. Amongst their activities they are creating a photo protest that seeks to grab attention - I had my pic taken as part of the campaign - not the one above but I understand it will appear soon on Facebook - you can see their Facebook page here.

UPDATE: See photo at 80 here.


Anonymous said...

Your photo link should be this one!!

Anonymous said...

Also, like to GRIN Campaign is http://www.grincampaign.com/Home.html