22 Aug 2011

Eco-Renovation Open Homes coming soon

We've just had our latest leaflet printed and it will be going out across Stroud. See video of last years event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObXbgMlwuyw

You can see about this years 20 plus homes, eco-fair and workshops at: http://www.stroudopenhomes.org.uk/

The weekend 10th/11th September in Stroud is looking set to be lots of fun with other festivals also going on incl walking, Nature, food and drink and the Fringe. Anyhow we are now putting out various press releases for the weekend. Here's one of the quotes followed by some useful articles re feed in tariffs etc:

Philip Booth, who initiated the Eco-Renovation Open Homes project three years ago and has helped organise this fourth event, commented: "This is the fourth year Transition Stroud have organised this event and there is ever more people interested in eco-renovating their homes. This weekend is a chance for people to visit local home-owners and learn from their successes and mistakes. It is about both tackling the crazy rising fuel prices and climate change. We are, as ever, hugely grateful to the home owners who all share their knowledge and passions voluntarily. We also have a series of workshops including on the new feed in tariffs, LED lighting, renewables, green roofs and getting the best deals from your energy company."

Some useful articles:

DECC grants incl solar thermal £300, air source heat pump £850, Biomass boiler £950: http://www.decc.gov.uk/en/content/cms/news/pn11_064/pn11_064.aspx#

More than half of the coverage of renewable energy solutions in the mainstream British press is negative:

Households looking to install renewable heating systems are now eligible for up to £1,250 from the government:

"A 20%-25% collapse in the price of rooftop solar power units in recent months has turned the government's feed-in tariff scheme into one of the most lucrative financial propositions for households with the right sort of property":

North Kestevan and Epping Forest councils are building straw homes:


Anonymous said...

All very well the middle classes.

Philip Booth said...

Dear Anonymous - See my letter previously at: http://ruscombegreen.blogspot.com/2010/09/letter-to-stroud-life-renewables-more.html

You are right that largely this event is attended by 'middle classes' but you may have seen that we have workshops and houses open for those re low income. It is also interesting taht the biggest learning reported at previous events is about the very low cost measures that save money.

You will also note if you have seen this blog that I have been pushing for measures re fuel poverty - sadly at times without support of other parties. I chaired an inquiry that reported earlier this year. The good news is that the pushing is finally getting more results. More on that soon - although I would still like to see much much more.

I wonder if you could make some suggestions? Have you got some ideas?

'Installers, installers, installers' is the key - Unless we support renewable installers locally we will not be able to develop this industry - now more than ever we all need to be tackling climate change and energy security issues. Every eco-home pioneer will hopefully bring the price down and help raise awareness and tackle these issues.