15 Jul 2011

Whiteshill and Ruscombe Shop: Runner Up in best community facility

Village Hall
On Thursday evening I had a training session in how to manage emails at Ebley Mill - it was a surprisingly useful hour from local company, emailogic. Did you know that email steals 31 minutes from each person in an organisation each day - I think it is probably higher for me! Anyhow after the course that is the average amount of time saved by people looking at their emails. I am looking to cut down on my 100 plus emails each day....

Anyhow after that I joined the Parish Council meeting - was delighted to hear from Cllr Ness Price who was attending, the same evening, the Vibrant village awards 2011 in Moreton in the Marsh. She was very pleased to accept the award for runner up in best community facility for the Whiteshill and Ruscombe village shop. Well done to them all indeed. The runner up prize is £100 which I am sure the Village shop will be pleased to receive. Bisley won overall vibrant village 2011 which is good as it also in the Stroud district.

Also at the Parish last night was a farewell to John Rogers who stepped down from being a councillor and Chair of the Parish Council. He has played a crucial role in developing our community and will be sorely missed - everyone wished him well - and he has a wonderful photo by local artist Mike Gallagher to remember us by.

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