27 Jul 2011

Update on Ruscombe Valley Action Group

Threatened fields
The Ruscombe Valley Action Group (RVAG) was set up in response to the appalling land banking that took place several years ago now (click on label below to learn more).  The Parish responded immediately by monitoring the site, objecting to any planning applications and working with Stroud District Council to get an Article 4 notice put on the land to prevent any activity taking place without planning consent. 

As the Parish Council have said we need to maintain vigilance on these fields in our valley, particularly with planning constraints potentially being relaxed. If you see anything odd please do notify the parish clerk.

As reported in the WaRbler, when we first established the group a number of people and the Parish Council gave money to us to enable actions to be taken. In the intervening time three of the four signatories of the account that was set up have moved from the village, so it was thought prudent to transfer the remaining amount, just over £240, to a designated account held by the Parish Council.  This will safeguard its accessibility and the ability of the parish to still make use of the donations for the purpose they were originally given.

Ruscombe Valley Action Group can still be convened if anything untoward should occur. The Ruscombe Brook Action Group also continue to do regular walks to check on the land.

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