22 Jul 2011

Stroud Valleys Water Forum

This Thursday the Forum met at Ebley Mill and we had feedback from all the local action groups, my recent visit to Wessex Water, stuff on River Trusts (see below), Brigend's on-going challenges re flood measures proposed there for householders and we also had a presentation from Water 21 and a lengthy discussion re Slad where the EA have pulled out funding flood measures they had promised. We also heard about the hydro scheme at Dudbridge - see previous blog here - more support needed to make it happen.

Well I can't cover all that so a little on Slad and River Trusts as I have a busy day ahead....

Photo: Hydro scheme with fish route

Slad brook

The EA are offering Individual Flood Protection measures - see here - but I understand only 8 households have taken them up out of 83 threatened with flooding. I fear the EA are looking at individual measures because it is the easy option whereas attenuation up the valley could potentially reduced flooding very significantly. The EA have not ruled out flood alleviation but have reduced the £3m to £500,000 of which they say they have already spent a large sum on consultation etc. I have to say the grounds do not seem to stack up for reducing the money - a long hard look at the figures is needed and how the decisions have been made - we hope to have the EA to our next meeting - they have attended in the past and it would be great to get an update as this all seems to be going on a long time since the 2007 floods! The good news is that legislation means community groups views have to be taken into account.

River Trusts

Well this charitable group looks to get the best for our rivers - see their website here: http://www.associationofriverstrusts.org.uk/about/art_history_objectives.htm

We heard from one of our new members who told us a little about how the Trusts work. The Severn already has a Trust so we hope to invite them up as it maybe poss to join them? Or would it be better to have one for the Frome catchment? Then again maybe we have not got the resources to follow that route? It needs some exploring but would have the potential to bring in more resources and hopefully get better decisions made locally.

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