20 Jul 2011

Stroud FM: new website

In studio with Woodcraft Folk
Stroud FM have a new website and it is easier than ever to listen online or your mobile: http://www.stroudfm.co.uk/

I can't believe it is now two and a half years old. I don't get to listen lots but several times every week - I do if I am in the car locally or occasionally at home like now! It has some amazing quality stuff - I didn't think I even liked Country music until I listened to 'Sandrine's Country Folk', Transition Stroud have a slot 2-4 on Friday afternoons and Drivetime always has loads of local stuff. Of course there is also lots of stuff like mobiles going off in the studio unexpectedly, the odd silence or miss started track but less of that than in the past and that is surely part of the charm? I love the enthusiasm and celebration of local stuff.

Advertising is also pretty cheap for what you get so if you are a business or planning an event get in touch with them. A big thanks to all those volunteers who make it work.

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