18 Jul 2011

Senior doctors join Greens in calling for rethink on GCC investment in tobacco

Greens have raised the issue of our County investing in the tobacco industry - see here. Well Gloucestershire now holds a massive £16.9m on the industry!!!! Well today doctors have joined in criticising these Councils who invest in tobacco - see Guardian today here.
"I am shocked by the size and extent of south-west local government pension investments in the tobacco industry and I am sure many of those contributing to the funds, as well as those receiving local government pensions, will be as well. If it were my pension contributions being invested in an industry whose only product line killed people in the numbers that die from tobacco, I would be absolutely horrified. As a doctor I think it would be completely unethical to have any part in it." Dr Gabriel Scally, the NHS regional director of public health for the south-west.
Well said indeed. It seems GCC might even be doing a rethink. How on earth can we have public health strategies that say don't smoke yet we invest in that industry? What an outrage. Last time Greens raised this, some councillors even mocked the suggestion of a more ethical finance policy - well now as senior doctors join the calls the pressure is on for a rethink. Is it not just common sense?

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