10 Jul 2011

Glos Libraries on BBC Politics: politicians cannot be above the law

I was forwarded the link below to the BBC Politics West show earlier today - there is a good piece that opens with the question about who should be making the decisions - councils or courts. It looks at Glos libraries and the Dursey Training Unit - both on hold - the libraries due to court action and the centre due to GCC rethinking. A great interview with Demelza for the library campaign and Chris Pockett in Dursley plus two interviews with Public Interest Lawyers. See more here on earlier blog re Judicial Review.

It also showed GCC Leader Hawthorne being interviewed on BBC Radio Glos as well as a 1 to 1 and described him as being "vexed". His arguments sounded weak particularly when the show finished with the arguments by Chelt MP Martin Horwood - he was interviewed in the studio and was 100% in support of the libraries Judicial Review saying that if GCC had got it right in the first place in relation to the 1964 Act, equalities and regarding consultation this would not have happened. He said the laws were made by politicians, and therefore politicians should respect them. Thanks to Martin and others for challenging these cuts. Click on 51 minutes into the show and watch for about 8 minutes:

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