8 Jul 2011

Email for justice over legal aid

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We lost the last vote in parliament about cuts to legal aid by 83 votes.  See my previous blog here. opposing the Legal Aid, Sentencing & Punishment of Offenders Bill. Please consider signing the petition here: http://soundoffforjustice.org/

It is just not true that "we have the most expensive legal system in the world" - see here and the facts here. This week we now have calls for an inquiry into news hacking. Great, but how will the victims of hacking fund their cases with the government cuts in legal aid? As Sound Off for Justice say: "It's one thing to know that you were hacked, but it is another thing to fund a case so you have access to justice".

Even if the victims win, under the Jackson reforms, the government will take 25% of any compensation they receive. This is just not fair.

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Philip Booth said...

The Government plans to remove the "fundamental right" to free legal advice for people held in police custody – 27 years after it was introduced to stop miscarriages of justice.