7 Jul 2011

Coalition: 'no subsidy for reactors' yet that is what they are doing - email now!

This might be our last chance to have a say on whether or not new reactors are built. There will be vote on whether to accept the Energy National Policy Statements, which designate eight sites as 'suitable' for new reactors,  sometime before the summer recess which starts on 19th July. An individual letter sent by post will probably carry more weight, but you could also send an editable letter from here. See also latest re how Oldbury plans below look set to be scuppered.

The Coalition Agreement was clear - new reactors should only proceed without public subsidy. It's now clear new reactors will not be built without some form of subsidy. The Government is planning to "rig the carbon trading market" and increase electricity bills, subsidising nuclear power by the back door. It is also planning to limit nuclear operators' liability for nuclear accidents representing a subsidy of up to £2 per unit of electricity on insurance premiums. The Government is also planning to cap nuclear operators' waste disposal costs, saving them up to £427 million per reactor.There are alternatives to nuclear that this blog has covered many times before. See more about campaign : http://www.no2nuclearpower.org.uk/npscampaign.php

Oldbury latest

Meanwhile in many of the papers their are reports that E.ON and RWE npower are to walk away from their commitment to build two new nuclear power plants. A decision by E.ON and RWE to abandon plans build reactors at Wylfa on Anglesey and Oldbury on the River Severn could halt plans for nukes there. Süddeutsche Zeitung, the German newspaper, reported that the giant German utilities have all but abandoned their British nuclear joint venture, Horizon. In The Times there is a quote from a manager saying that E.ON and RWE have concluded that the investments, which were understood to tally up at £17 billion, were too expensive. Horizon was already due to have started awarding contracts around Wylfa this year.

You can download last months excellent UK NuClear News here:

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Philip Booth said...

A NUCLEAR energy company has dispelled rumours that it is pulling out of building a new plant at Oldbury. Horizon Nuclear Energy has told the Gazette that it is business as usual after reports in the national press that the company was to abandon its plans to build a new power station at Shepperdine, near Oldbury.

Gloucestershire Gazette 7th July 2011