18 Jun 2011

Stroud youth team at UN Commission on the Status of Women

Yesterday evening I went to the District Council Chamber to hear the local youth team who attended the UN Commission on the Status of Women this March in New York. Wow they were impressive. 

I am seeing whether the many great presentations can be put online - they covered issues from the glass ceiling, gangsta rap to the issue of widowhood.....this last issue is getting a higher profile and their is a meeting later in the month at the House of Commons....I can remember reading something on this at least 10 years ago and the terrible impacts on many women whose husbands die. It is amazing that this issue still seems to be so low down on priorities. Many millions of widows of all ages face extreme poverty, violence, ill-health, loss of homes and more. It is great to see Widow's Rights International  now working on this - with Ruscombe resident Zarin Hainsworth as a Trustee - she was also co-chair of the meeting.

Anyway the event was sponsored by National Council of Women and supported by UN Women UK – Stroud ADVANCE. The UK youth caucus gave a number of presentations at the UN events and at the House of Commons and shared some of their presentations - as noted I hope to bring links in the future to their presentations if that is possible.

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