22 Jun 2011

Julie Girling looks set to fail us on CO2 emissions

I've just read that Tory MEPs plan to defy Cameron over greenhouse gas targets - see Guardian here. Julie Girling, our Tory MEP who lives in the Cotswolds, is one of those who has said she will not support the 30% cut that is needed. This 30% was a Coalition agreement and is seen as the minimum required to tackle the worst of climate change. Camerons 'greenest government' pledge is already in tatters - this will not do that pledge any favours.

The EU vote is tight enough that it could be lost. Shame on our Tory MEPs who look set not to support the 30% cut. 70 top businesses have already supported stiffer cuts that will ultimately help measures to drive green growth and create millions of new jobs in Europe's clean industries. Christian Aid, Oxfam, Greenpeace, WWF and Green Alliance have all written to the Prime Minister, urging him to bring Tory MEPs back into line with the coalition’s support for 30 per cent cuts in European emissions by 2020. How can Julie Girling and others not see the urgency and the need for the EU to lead by example?

Email your MEP with Christian Aid's campaign here.

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