4 May 2011

Water Forum meets Swedish water boss

Last week the Water Forum which I helped set up met - we usually meet every 2 months to discuss issues relating to the Frome catchment. Well we were in for a treat...Andreas Hedren, Head of Water, Kronoberg Municipality, Sweden, (see photo) was visiting here on an exchange with Water21 and the Environment Agency to study our Water Framework Directive implementation.

Andreas gave a presentation on his experiences in Sweden and his visit here - he says they are behind us in the WFD but that we have stuff to learn about community participation - the Forum we have here in Stroud is very unusual - in contrast stakeholders meet regularly in Sweden. There was lots more but not for this blog as I've run out of energy - too much going on at the moment with elections on Thursday as well - if you are interested in more join us at next Forum meeting on 20th July.

We also had an update on the various projects locally and it was worrying to hear the EA's £500,000 has been withdrawn for Slad. They are still offering personal protection measures - see my blog on that here - but what of plans that are needed to reduce the flows of water down the valley? Dear oh dear this saga goes on and on.....

Meanwhile the tomorrow we in the Ruscombe Brook Action Group will walk half the Ruscombe Brook to check out problems and possibilities.....

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