10 May 2011

I'm one of 130

In Stroud we re-elected our 5 councillors making 6 with me. See my blog here - and Stroud District Green party comment here. Well this evening we have just had a Green Party meeting debriefing and are already looking to local target seats next year.

Photo: count last Friday

Nationally we went into our election campaign with 116 councillors on 42 councils and have come out of it with 130 on 43 councils. Norwich fought off Labour in two wards, as well as gaining an additional seat, to bring their total seats on the council to 15 - adding to its tally of city councillors at every election since 2002.  We also gained seats in Bolsover, Bristol, Herefordshire, Kings Lynn and West Norfolk, Malvern Hills, Mid Suffolk, Reigate, Solihull, South Hams, Stafford and St Albans! The outstanding Brighton results were also a real highlight: we gained 10 more seats, taking our total to 23 and making the Greens the largest party on the council.

In Wales, despite doubling the share of the vote, we sadly missed out gaining our first ever seat on the Welsh Assembly and having been squeezed by a Labour bounce-back in Lancaster while in Scotland we have two MSPs.See Green party results here.

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