13 May 2011

HSBC to fund nuke in earthquake zone!

I just received an email from BankTrack - a member of Greenpeace - well while Japan has said this week they wont build any more nukes you would think others had learnt some lessons?

Fukushima suffered the both earthquake and tsunami. As this blog has noted radioactivity is still leaking into the environment and there is no guarantee that the reactors are under control. So as BankTrack say: "One thing is certain, though! No one would build a reactor in a high risk earthquake zone on a coast now. Not after Fukushima. Would they? No one would take the risk? Regulators would not approve it. Citizens would fiercely oppose it. Banks and markets would not be prepared to take the risk; they would not be prepared to pay for it. Would they? Apparently, yes!"

Indeed astonishingly two of the world’s biggest banks, HSBC and BNP Paribas, are doing just that. I've mentioned before the campaign in India - well these two banks are funding the world's largest nuke facility at Jaitapur on India’s earthquake prone coast in Maharastra State. French company Areva still plan to build the reactors despite in the last two decades alone there being three earthquakes above 5 points on the Richter scale in the region. In 1993 the region suffered a quake measuring 6.3 which left some 9,000 people dead. See more at: http://www.banktrack.org/

Please join me in taking action here.

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