14 May 2011

The Garden - inspiring film

I've just seen the Garden on DVD - well worth a look - it is about the largest community garden in the US. It all started after the devastating L.A. riots in 1992 - gradually the South Central Farmers created a miracle by growing their own food and building a community. Then come the bulldozers....See the trailer and more at their website: http://www.thegardenmovie.com/

It has won various awards as best documentary and I am sure will inspire many to create urban gardens....it also shows some of the worst and best aspects of politics....

Anyhow I've just been talking to folk who are interested in a new allotments in Randwick. Any other folk interested? Also edible open gardens project is getting larger by the minute - getting close to 40 gardens opening in July. Hopefully might also inspire some more community gardens?

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