4 May 2011

Doubts still re Oldbury's future

Horizon, the company behind plans to build a second nuclear power plant at Oldbury has said the project may still not go ahead. Well with the crisis in Japan and the economic arguments continuing to stack up against nuclear that is no surprise to many of us - indeed it is extraordinary this project has got so far.

Speaking at the Oldbury Site Stakeholder Group (OSSG) meeting, Tim Proudler, from Horizon, said there were still several hurdles to overcome. He said: "A future Oldbury isn’t clear yet. We are at the beginning of a very long process." See Gloucestershire Gazette 29th April 2011. Click on nuclear label for more.

Lastly please take a Greenpeace action here to try and stop the Jaitapur nuclear reactor project in India - this part of the campaign is being led by Admiral Ramdas, a former Chief of Naval Staff in India - the decision to go ahead flies in the face of concerns of many scientists following the crisis in Japan.

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