5 Apr 2011

Sacred Light: don't miss!

"SACRED LIGHT. CHRIST & A GATHERING OF SAINTS." Exhibition by Greg Tricker at Gloucester Cathedral from 5 March – 5 May 2011.  

Over the weekend I was fortunate to be in Gloucester Cathedral to see the great number of works by Nailsworth-based Greg Tricker - love his stuff. Here is what the exhibition leaflet writes: 

"Greg Tricker’s profound and simple style of painting is rooted in a mystical innocence of spirit, akin to the folk art tradition. His exhibition focuses on the theme of Christ’s journeys: Nativity, Ministry, Passion, Death and Resurrection and on the journeys of a gathering of saints: Mary the Mother of God, St Francis, St Clare and St Bernadette. The show will pull together some of the themes the artist has been working on for the past few years."

His works which included wood carvings and stained-glass seem to tell so much more about a story - suffering, joy and more are all there - I will need to revisit this exhibition as there is too much for one visit. I particularly loved the Joseph of Arimathea carved from oak. I was also very lucky just to catch Greg as we were leaving and here a little more about his work. See details of exhibition here

I did come across this collection of photos on Flickr here - not sure if they have been 'approved' by the artist but they give a flavour. Apols but text and font does not seem to be obeying me in this blog entry - apols for presentation!

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