13 Apr 2011

Put food into mouths not cars

Today is the launch of a biofuels campaign by Actionaid -  it is timely as with oil prices rising there is even more interest in biofuels - Actionaid estimate that biofuel production could push a further 600 million people into hunger by 2020. As their campaign says 'put food into mouths not cars'. Greens have long opposed this biofuel production - but have often been lone voices - however the evidence is now clear and action must be taken.

Photo: local artist Russ

There is a Department of Transport consultation out at the moment - see here. See more about this issue plus a short video and action to email the Government: http://www.actionaid.org.uk/biofuels


Anonymous said...

"however the evidence is now clear and action must be taken"....what is the evidence??? To suggest that biofuels will "push a further 600 million people into hunger" is simply ridiculous and displays a serious lack of knowledge of the food economy, never mind biofuels.

Anonymous said...

As the campaign website says in just five African countries, 1.1 million hectares have already been given over to biofuels - an area the size of Belgium. Last year, 90% of UK biofuels were imported, mostly from Europe, the US and South America. If the government trebles our target, it’s most likely that the extra biofuel will come from developing countries meaning more communities will suffer these devastating consequences. Some suggest the 600m estimate is an underestimate.

Philip Booth said...

Thanks for comments - there are many factors affecting food prices - see the two films from the Stroud Coffee House Discussion that I uploaded onto my blog today:

Food speculation is one of the most serious - film two covers that. However the Dept of Transport's biofuel target is madness - biofuels are often made from agricultural crops - often food crops - biofuel companies are already buying up vast tracks of land - all this is threatening many communities abilities to feed themselves - see the ActionAid campaign guide - as I note above the push to biofuels 'could' push millions more into hunger.

Andy said...

Just last year an EU report warned of link to hunger: