10 Apr 2011

More wood for the burner helps blue butterflies

Yesterday we had the last session of the Randwick Woodfuel project for this year - we've had three pilot sessions that have gone so well we will establish the project this September again - basically it is doing conservation work in return for a boot load of wood.

I have made a film of the project which apparently the National Trust have enjoyed - even went to the Director.  It was rather hurriedly thrown together but I would love to see similar projects in other places - it is a great way to reconnect people with their local woods.

See film here:www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7xjHnME3z4

This week there was v little conservation work due to the dry weather - we could not burn brash and the warm weather has led to birds nesting earlier. However most of us got a small load of wood which I have already cut up.

At this session we were also joined by a moth and butterfly expert - here's comments she sent to me earlier: "I really enjoyed the video as we have spent a lot of time up there butterfly monitoring and generally mooching around in the clearing....I was going to put in a word for the remaining silver birch trees as I have seen a rare moth flying.....The rare moth (Orange Underwing) was doing its thing, flying around the mature silver birch....I have recorded Common Blue, Holly Blue, Brown Argus and Small Blue butterflies and Chalkhill Blue used to be there so it provides quite a diverse range of habitats"

Well the plan is to still leave some silver birch and already the conservation work seems to be showing results - orchids are coming back in numbers not seen for a long time. Hopefully we will also see more of the blues and other butterflies - we will be keeping an eye on the site - and then be returning in September for more work. There is also a possibility the group will get involved in some conservation work during the summer - clearing ragwort, paths etc....we'll see. Meanwhile see here Feb meeting last year with details of other similar project proposals.

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