18 Apr 2011

More quotes

Some more quotes that inspire and made me think, smile or cringe - for more click on the 'label' below. Photo: River Frome

“It may well be that more and more of what people bring before doctors and therapists for treatment—agonies of body and spirit—are symptoms of the biospheric emergency registering at the most intimate level of life. The Earth hurts, and we hurt with it.” Theodore Roszak, Voice of the Earth

"The most remarkable feature of this historical moment on Earth is not that we are on the way to destroying the world - we've actually been on the way for quite a while. It is that we are beginning to wake up, as from a millennia-long sleep, to a whole new relationship to our world, to ourselves and each other."
Joanna Macy

“The West should have a war on global warming rather than a war on terror.”
Stephen Hawking on ITV News, 17-1-2007

“When the capital development of a country becomes a by-product of a casino, the job is likely to be
John Maynard Keynes

“Never in the field of endeavour has so much money been owed by so few to so many” Mervyn King

"If one person is unkind to an animal it is considered to be cruelty, but when a lot of people are unkind to animals, especially in the name of commerce, the cruelty is condoned and, once large sums of money are at stake, will be defended to the last by otherwise intelligent people." Ruth Harrison - Author of Animal Machines

“Activism is my rent for living on the planet” Alice Walker

"As the world struggles to recover from the most serious global economic crisis since the Great Depression, we have an unprecedented opportunity to turn away from consumerism. In the end, the human instinct for survival must triumph over the urge to consume at any cost." Christopher Flavin, President, Worldwatch Institute

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