14 Apr 2011

Christian Aid campaign: campaign to tackle tax havens

This week the finance ministers of the G20 - the world’s biggest and most influential economies - are meeting to discuss the world's economic future. Christian Aid is part of a global coalition calling on G20 leaders to End Tax Haven Secrecy - these 20 men and women have a huge say in whether this becomes a reality. You can send an email to Cameron, Clegg and Sarkozy here.

Tax dodging by some unscrupulous multinationals costs the developing world an estimated $160billion each year - this is money that could be used to build schools, hospitals, and other vital infrastructure. Yet so far the G20 isn’t giving this issue the priority it deserves. You can also view my 6 films on the recent talk on tax havens here in Stroud:

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Philip Booth said...

Former Oxford MP Dr Evan Harris is calling for new rules to stop NHS money being sent to "tax havens". It comes after the BBC found a leading bank set up a Guernsey-based firm to divert millions of pounds of NHS money.