27 Mar 2011

Randwick Street lighting update

Randwick Parish Council have been moving quickly now on street lighting - after some long delays it seems much has been happening - Parish Councillor, Vernon Williams has met with GCC and already all the lights have been converted to part-time night lighting bar about 10 - all of which are on awkward junctions or bends - mostly on the main road through the village or the road down to Humphries End.

Each meter reduces the electricity bill by 40%. A long time ago I supported the switching off of Parish lights late at night - see here re Essex. Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish have already had a load switched off - now with Vernon's help Randwick has seen their lights go off. It seems to date there has not been a single complaint or concern re the lights going off - and as I've said before it is great to have at least a part return to the night sky and more rural feel - plus of course tackling climate change and lowering costs to taxpayers.

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