6 Mar 2011

Murdoch takeover not good news

So Jeremy Hunt has announced he wants to give Murdoch's BSkyB takeover the go-ahead. We have three weeks to challenge the deal. We need to get MPs speaking out right now, and telling Jeremy Hunt that it's obvious that this deal is whitewash.

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The Murdoch empire has been forced to give a little ground - Sky News won’t be totally controlled by Murdoch, but he’ll still have directors on the board and control the cashflow. Sky News will have to stay in Murdoch’s good books if it wants to keep going.

Murdoch made similar promises when he took over the Times. But these promises turned out to just be spin.  This latest deal is seems all too similar. It still means Murdoch gets more control over our media. And that's bad news for our democracy. Click on the link to send your MP a quick email:

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