24 Mar 2011

Incinerator plan is a disaster for Gloucestershire

Depressing news indeed. Javelin Park just over the hill from us will get it's waste incinerator. Gloucestershire County Council’s cabinet gave the £500 million project the green light - but it is far from green. As the local press reported Greens have been fighting this on many fronts from a huge number of emails challenging the technology and the consultation/decision-making process to demonstrations, meetings and formal questions. Greens have also accompanied County Officers and councillors on fact-finding missions and it is quite, quite unbelievably short-sighted to be going down this route. Indeed barely believeable that the county are being what many are calling so deeply irresponsible.

Photo: On the streets in Gloucester collecting signatures against the incinerator

My only smile came when Councillor Sarah Lunnon (Green Stroud East) agreed with a question at council which asked: "Does the leader of the council understand that the combination of service cuts and an incinerator will mean his legacy will be to be remembered as the slash and burn administration."

Sarah also noted that cabinet member Councillor Waddington refused to give information relating to the agreed minimum tonnages of waste the county would have to deliver or how the chosen technology will deliver flexibility. This really does make no sense and ties taxpayers into contracts for many years.  She commented: "GCC's lack of commitment to environmental issues and social justice is demonstrated in how both these policies are being pursued. A lack of clarity and will has been comprehensively displayed."

The next steps are being looked at but well done to all who have worked so hard on this - we certainly won the arguments but how sad sad sad that the County should take this route.

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