28 Mar 2011

Climate Change week highjack?

So we have just had Climate Change week - it is meant to be a 'week of action' - it finished yesterday - Stroud District Council celebrated this with a press release - however they rather cheekily say that 'Stroud District Council and SWEA partnership has also led to a supply of energy monitors being placed in libraries throughout the district available for any resident to hire - an illuminating way of seeing how much electricity your home is using'. The project was initiated by myself - but hey I shouldn't get petty!

As for the week itself - as People and Planet asks who are the champions of environmental justice? Well it is Tesco, EDF Energy, Kellogg’s, and our friends the Royal Bank of Scotland. Of course it is important they play a part but it is these very corporations who are big in causing climate change - the website says: "Climate Week is extremely pleased to have four Supporting Partners with such a strong commitment to action on climate change."

People and Planet call it greenwash: "Climate Week sponsors RBS, for example, finances more fossil fuel extraction than any other UK bank. Since being bailed out in 2008, RBS has been involved in providing finance worth around £13billion to companies involved in extracting fossil fuels, including tar sands mining in Canada. This produces carbon emissions three times greater than conventional oil and causes devastating social and health problems for indigenous communities. Find out more about the other sponsors of Climate Week"

Sadly I don't think there were any events in Stroud. Of course what we really need is that every week be a Climate Change week.

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Julian said...

There is corruption at all levels in our society now, our institutions, our laws and most certainly, our Souls ...

"You are the Paul Revere's & Patrick Henry's of our generation. Bottom up horizontal connection is key, sharing at all levels, not top down control. Public intelligence and influence is about to take off. We're about to bury Rule By Secrecy. Civil affairs is the focal point ..."

1:40 - 2:00 mins