18 Feb 2011

Threats to funding for disabled people

The charity Scope sent an email a wee while ago to me: "Thank you for taking positive action by contacting Paul Burstow MP and supporting Scope’s campaign to ensure that spending cuts do not adversely affect local disabled people. We greatly appreciate your efforts to speak out for disabled people and their families and the services they rely on. Today we’re asking Councillors to sign up to Scope’s local pledge to stand up for their disabled constituents throughout 2011."

I have signed their pledge. Locally we have seen threats to services for people with disabilities like the Dursley Centre and support in the community, but in addition to this is the impact of all the national changes like to DLA, VAT, Housing Benefit and more. Add to this library closures, restrictions to bus passes and other public service cuts and the impact is going to be huge on many. I am angered that at times there seems to be so very little understanding about the impact of these cuts on people - especially when these cuts are not necessary. Well done to Scope for raising the profile of these issues amongst those that are making decisions.

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