7 Feb 2011

Great new cafe in Nailsworth: Tete à Tete

As an ex-resident of Nailsworth I do enjoy going back and when there usually stop at Green Spirit for a coffee - earlier this week I tried the newly opened cafe Tete à Tete - at the bottom of Market Street.

Well Shelley Harris (pictured),who owns the business, had family in Ruscombe - indeed in the house at the end of the terrace I live in - so it feels appropriate to give the place a plug. Shelley has lots of experience of hotel, pub, restaurant and overseas catering and apparently has always wanted to own her own place.

Nailsworth News from this month also gave her a plug and quoted her saying: ‘Now that the children are teenagers, Ican branch out into something I really want to do. I was inspired by my son, Zac, who was ill with cancer. If he can pull through against great difficulties, I should be able to do something I love - feeding people. Seeing the end results of happy faces with good food is special.’

Nailsworth news continues: "The menu includes breakfasts with all styles of eggs, lunches with soups (to die for!), filled ciabattas, and a platter selection of various stylesof foods. Shelley makes it all (in front of you if you wish), and her cakes are a real treat. Children can decorate their own cup cakes while parents enjoy a relaxing coffee. Everything is locally sourced where possible - free range eggs, fairtrade coffee etc. - and the menu changes with the seasons.

Tete à Tete is open Mon - Sat, 9 - 4 pm. Call 07854 308918 or 756826 for more information. Services include pre-orders, takeaways and cakesfor weddings. Claire told us that the shopkeepers in Market Street have been amazingly supportive so she would like to pass on her grateful thanks to them. ‘And also to my Dad and my partner Chris,along with my sons, who have been with me all the way in this venture.'"

So give it a go - great cakes - especially good looking Valentine cupcakes!

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