2 Jan 2011

Tax Havens talk in Stroud

Last month Stroud had an excellent talk about Money from economist Mary Mellor - see here - well now there is another talk in the series - 'The Rise and Rise of Britain's Tax Justice Empire' - a talk by John Christensen from the Tax Justice Network.

Whilst around £45bn tax is avoided legally through Britain's tax havens every year, government is cutting services. Is it mainly the little people and small businesses that pay tax? Tax havens cause financial chaos, undermining our democratic tax system.

John Christensen, former economist at the Treasury and Jersey government, has researched tax policy for many years, advocating tighter regulation of tax havens. Also speaking will be Molly Scott Cato and Carol Kambites from Stroud District Green Party.

Thursday, January 20th at the Subscription Rooms, Stroud, at 7.30. Tickets from the Subscription Rooms: 01453 760960.

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Philip Booth said...

2nd extract in Guardian of book on tax havens - "More than half of world trade passes, at least on paper, through tax havens. More than half of all banking assets and a third of foreign direct investment by multinational corporations are routed offshore. The offshore system is in very rude health — and growing fast."