18 Jan 2011

Stroud march against the cuts

Over the years, we in this area have had a good track record of saving public services for example saving the Maternity Hospital, Uplands Post Office and most recently the magistrates court. We can also be proud of opposing illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq over the years. Well now we face a huge threat...

Photo: Local artist Russ

John Marjoram, Deputy Mayor said of the current situation: "The Country as a whole is now threatened with the virtual destruction of our Public Services, whether it be within the Health Service, County Council Social Services. Public Libraries (someone recently said to me, that our Libraries kept going right through the war but we seem to be allowing this to happen) Legal Aid is being slashed and so is the Youth Services. The list is endless and as the attachment explains it doesn’t have tobe like this? And let me assure you, these are the first cuts, there will be subsequent ones in the following years."

The local Green party are helping to organise the March through the Town on Saturday the 29th January. People will meet at Stratford Park Car Park at 10am, where there will be speeches on that Day and then walk through Stroud to The Subscription Forecourt, at 11.30 where there will be further speakers including Green Parliamentary spokesperson, Martin Whiteside and calls for further action.

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Yes great movie - could really identify with the activists and their feelings