14 Jan 2011

Chocolate lovers action for Ivory Coast

Avaaz have just launched another campaign. This time to try and prevent war in the Ivory Coast. Basically chocolate companies could play a critical role in stopping the bloodshed. Here's what they write:

Despite losing elections in November and united international pressure and sanctions to remove him, Laurent Gbagbo is clinging to power. Revenues and tariffs from cocoa, the country’s largest export, are bankrolling his brutal army that has murdered hundreds of winning party supporters. If chocolate companies immediately and publicly refuse to do business with Gbagbo, his cash supply could dry up – and without the support of the army, his power base would dwindle, and he could be forced to step down.

This situation could spiral into all-out war within days. Chocolate lovers of the world, let's flood popular brands like Nestlé, M&M/Mars and Hershey's with messages to end trade with Gbagbo now and commit to working only with the legitimate government. Click to send a message directly to leading companies -- and we will publish which companies have cut their financial ties to Gbagbo: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/ivory_coast_chocolate/?vl

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