9 Jan 2011

Bee petition

Avaaz have just launched a campaign regarding pesticides and bees. This is an issue I have covered a few times on this blog. I would urge people to sign this petition.

Photo: Russ pic of bee

As they write: "Multiple scientific studies fault one group of toxic pesticides for their rapid demise, and bee populations have soared in four European countries that have banned these products. But powerful chemical companies are lobbying hard to keep selling this poison. Our best chance to save bees now is to push the US and EU to ban this deadly product -- their action is critical and will have a ripple effect on the rest of the world."

It is estimated that bees every year pollinating plants and crops have an estimated $40bn value - over one third of the food supply in many countries. Pesticides seem to be implicated in at least part of the problem of bees dying - some species are now extinct - some at just 4% of their original numbers - however the picture is very complex.

The Coop have banned 8 pesticides - and beekeepers and scientists in France, Italy, Slovenia and even Germany, where the main manufacturer Bayer is based, already pushing successfully for bans of one of these bee killers. Amazingly a leaked document shows that the US Environmental Protection Agency knew about the pesticide’s dangers, but ignored them. The document says Bayer’s "highly toxic" product is a "major risk concern to non target insects (honey bees)".

Sign the petition here: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/save_the_bees/?vl

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