4 Jan 2011

3,000 march to save Forest

The Hands Off Our Forest campaign is growing stronger all the time - huge congrats to them - 3,000 people marched on Monday. More than 115,000 people have now signed the petition against the coalition's proposed sale of all Forestry Commission land in England. The Guardian claim that "Opposition to the sale of nearly 20% of all England's wooded area is fiercest in Gloucestershire." See Guardian here. See my previous blog here and letter to local press here.

"This could be a turning point. People have not woken up yet to the implications of this bill. This could be a turning point as people realise that all this rhetoric about the 'big society' is just another way of describing an ideological-led privatisation campaign." Jonathon Porritt, sustainable development adviser to the previous government and Green party member.

You can see the rally photos here. If you haven't taken action yet please consider doing so - see here. This sell-off makes no sense.

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