8 Dec 2010

Nuke update

A Stroud Green party member attended the recent march against Oldbury expanding - see here. There was also a public seminar in Thornbury with lots of great speakers - and down in Bristol activists stopped the meeting to discuss theGovernment's plans - see here. But if you are lost as to what is going on I recommend the new special extended edition of NuClear News - available to download here: www.no2nuclearpower.org.uk/nuclearnews/NuClearNewsNo24.pdf

Photo: Ruscombe valley looking great in that frozen snow and ice

It is an excellent account of where we are. I would also recommend Jonathan Porritt's blog on Forum for a Future. He writes: "Chris Huhne’s big face-saver is that nuclear will only go ahead as long as there is no ‘public subsidy’. As I’ll explain, it’s just about possible to stick to this rhetorical claim without Chris Huhne knowing that he’s lying, but it is quite difficult. All the more wondrous, therefore, that Chris Huhne personally invited the redoubtable Amory Lovins to come and talk to his officials in DECC last week. Unlike that cohort of should-know-better Greens (on both sides of the Atlantic), who’ve been seduced by the blandishments of the nuclear industry, Amory Lovins has never wavered a single centimetre in his excoriating contempt for all things nuclear. And unlike people like Mark Lynas, Chris Smith in the UK and Stuart Brand in the US, Amory Lovins actually knows what he’s talking about when it comes to nuclear issues. Looking at some of the material he shared with DECC officials, I’d love to know exactly how they tried to persuade Chris Huhne after the event that Amory Lovins was a mad, unreliable, anti-nuclear zealot. The United States makes a particularly interesting case study for Chris Huhne. So desperate is the US Administration to promote new nuclear that it has offered tax credits which amount to more than 100% of construction costs – and even so interested utilities have been unable to raise any private capital whatsoever." It is worth reading the whole article.

Lastly Greenpeace here an action to help stop nukes in India.

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Crazy of gov to suggest that nukes will not be subsidised - see