23 Nov 2010

Nukes: body parts, petition and energy day

Shepperdine Against Nuclear Energy are having Day of Energy on 27th - see flyer left and more below but also wanted to note a blog by Prof Stephen Thomas first, then the campaign in India then the extraordinary scandal around body parts and lastly Ed Miliband...

Blog by Prof Stephen Thomas

See here Prof Stephen Thomas, a renowned energy expert from the University of Greenwich Business School, who has contributed to a guest blog piece for the Tenner films website expressing his concerns about the French EPR, reactor of choice for business and governments hoping to build a new generation of nuclear generating capacity in the UK, US and Europe. It is a must read for anyone interested in the future of our nuclear industry.

India - please sign petition

Last week over 600 people were arrested for standing up for their rights to live and work in safe surroundings. Over 2320 acres of land are being acquired by the NPCIL (Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd) to build 6 mega nuclear reactors in Ratnagiri district. It is said that the public protests have been suppressed using police violence and false charges.

The NPCIL is planning to import expensive and unsafe nuclear reactors from French company, Areva. US and European nuclear regulators have identified severe flaws in the reactor and they have not approved the design.

Over 2000 people will lose their land and over 10,000 people will have their health and livelihood affected due to this plant. Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh has the power to stop the import of dangerous nuclear reactors and listen to the concerns of the local people. Please can you write a letter to Dr. Manmohan Singh. Go to sign petition here. I fear there is a battle ahead as just last week the Indian Government signed a new treaty with the US re supply of nuke stuff.

Body parts scandal

This is an extraordinary story - see Stop Oldbury website here and Guardian here - Organs and bones were illegally harvested from the bodies of dead nuclear industry workers without their consent over a period of 30 years, an inquiry has just concluded. The relatives of 64 staff, many of whom only discovered their loved ones had been stripped of livers, tongues and even legs decades after they were buried, said the inquiry's findings proved the existence of an "old boys' club" among pathologists, coroners and scientists around Sellafield prior to 1992 which prioritised the needs of the nuclear industry above those of grieving family members.

So all the time that they were saying there was no link between cancer and radiation pathologists were keeping back body parts to take measurements!

Day of Energy at Cossham Hall in Thornbury

SANE is holding a day of talks, discussions and exhibitions on Sat 27th , 10am to 3pm, in the Cossham Hall (part of the Armstrong Hall complex) in Chapel St, Thornbury BS35 2BJ. During the day there will be five eminent speakers who will come and talk to the SANE Community and explain why new nuclear is of no relevence to our future energy requirements. Before the lectures, people will be marching from Cossham Hall around Thornbury to express to DECC our feelings about the Shepperdine Sites suitability for construction of new nuke reactors. See more;

Ed Miliband

The Guardian ran a story about Ed - see here - this is surely the time to tell him why Labour remains so misguided on its support for nuclear power, and ignores the anti-nuclear policy of SERA - Labour's own in house environment campaign. Email Ed at:

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