10 Nov 2010

Education: Electoral wipeout for Lib Dems?

Tuition fees will surely lead to a Lib Dem wipe out as many of their seats are in University towns. There is absolutely nothing fair about tripling the cost of a degree and cutting college grants that are often the difference between students being able to study or not.

Update: must add this link to Independent and Hair's comment piece - see here. For example: "Clegg is one of the great mysteries of British politics. Before the election, he told us “there isn't a serious economist in the world who agrees with the Conservatives... [that] we should pull the rug out from under the economy with immediate spending cuts.” Now he is one of the leading champions of doing exactly that."

Photo: Randwick woods

Caroline Lucas, Green Party leader said earlier today: “This Government's assault on education funding and future generations of students seems to know no bounds. The recession has already had a disproportionate effect on young people's lives, with rapidly disappearing university places and increasing youth unemployment. Now it's clear that they will be amongst those hardest hit by the ConDem cuts, with the Educational Maintenance Allowance being scrapped, college funding slashed and the huge hikes in university fees. I fully support the action being taken by our students today, and hope to join them on the streets to fight for their future.”

Meanwhile Cameron looks set to alter politics forever and place Tories in power for many more years - well that's if Kevin Maquire who writes in The Mirror is to be believed: "Cameron surfs an anti-politics wave by dressing up a 50 cut in MPs from 650 to 600 as his generous money-saving gift to taxpayers. But most of the disappearing seats will be those of protesting Labour MPs. Cameron claims he wants to equalise constituencies yet he ignores the estimated 3.5m unregistered voters in largely Labour areas. Count them in and the map would look very different. The target of 600 seats is itself highly suspect. Cameron wanted a cut to 585 until it dawned the extra 15 would wipe out MPs of his Liberal Democrat coalition partner."

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