19 Oct 2010

Say no to Princes tuna

I don't really eat tuna but if you do you might want to think twice about Princes' tuna. Basically the way Princes gets its tuna out of the sea is also killing endangered turtles, sharks, rays and even undersized tuna from other threatened species.

All in all it is having a disastrous effect on our ocean life. Greenpeace have just launched a letter campaign which you can sign by going to:

Greenpeace have been talking to Princes about this problem for some time and waiting for their new 'sustainable seafood statement' for two whole years. Sadly the new statement goes no where near far enough, yet Princes still print on their cans: "Princes is fully committed to fishing methods which protect the marine environment and marine life".

Princes seem to think being 'dolphin friendly' is enough - other species of marine life are insignificant? As Greenpeace say this is not good enough from a global brand selling wild-caught animals from one of the world's largest fisheries. Indeed it is definiately not good enough in 2010 when we know the impact such practices have on our environment.

Cheap tuna but costly to the oceans. Greenpeace are keen to see us all write - well I've done that but I would also like to say that I think we need to boycott such a company.

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Russ said...

To me, it seems like asking them to do an immoral thing morally.

It is a toxic attitude that thinks we can treat the oceans like a food source for six billion people.

Yeah, "the world is a buffet, now, animal abusers, just kill one type of animal would you?"