6 Oct 2010

Petition to stop the tax dodging

I have written a fair bit re the threatened cuts - one issue is that the Coalition seem to be as week as Labour on Tax Dodgers. I raised this in a letter to the local press back in June - see here. Well now the campaign group 38 Degrees have launched a campaign to get the Government to crack down on the billions we lose from tax dodgers every year. Here is what they right - do please consider signing their petition....

Right now Chancellor George Osborne is deciding what he'll cut. We're all going to be hit by the VAT rise in January and less money for services like schools, hospitals and the police. Every year a selfish few rip us off by dodging billions in tax. It's a big problem - the government says every year we lose at least £42 billion in "uncollected" tax.

The government needs to stand up to tax cheats and make sure everybody, including billionaires, bankers and media moguls, pays their fair share.
The government likes to talk tough about catching benefit cheats. But it doesn't make sense to only target benefit cheats when tax cheats cost us £40 billion a year more. Some politicians have made grand speeches about tackling tax dodging. But they haven't turned their words into concrete action. We need to show the government that tough talk isn't enough - we need real action.

But time's tight - the first thing we need to do is prove this is a big issue amongst ordinary taxpayers. Help make this petition massive so the government knows how many of us want them to "Crack Down on Tax Dodgers".

Sign the petition now:

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