10 Oct 2010

Mobiles need clearer warnings

Last year France cracked down on mobiles around the issues of potential health risks - see blog here. I have also discussed the possible risks before here.

Phot0: from Dept of Health Guidance leaflets

Well now apparently The Daily Mail has asked for comment re lack of health warnings on mobile phones. They mentioned www.powerwatch.org.uk/

They said the warnings are hidden away – eg that iPhone should be kept 15mm from body, Blackberry 1” – including ref to abdomen of pregnant woman. It is surprising that this issue has still not been addressed - but then again who would take on the mobile phone industry? Just like the low cost booze at Tesco that I mentioned in a blog a few days ago - who would take on the supermarkets?

The Mail asked the Green party to comment. Caroline Lucas gave this comment: “Blackberries and iPhones are a part of modern life, but it’s important that any health and safety considerations are made obvious, not hidden away. Greens have never said don’t use mobile phones, but we have always said that as with any other technology, we need to make people aware of any potential risks and give clear guidance regarding the safest possible use, so we can get the maximum benefit from the technology with the least possible risk.”


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Clive Aslet, editor-at-large, Country Life magazine, on Caroline Lucas MP: “She appears to be doing the work that might otherwise be done by several dozen politicians.”