22 Oct 2010

Email Hilton Hotel re child sexual exploitation

The Hilton, one of the most renowned hotel chains in the world, could be complicit in child sexual exploitation, in their own facilities! Once upon a time many years ago in the early 80s I worked for the Sydney Hilton as a mini-bar stocker - have to say I was shocked by other antics there - but this is certainly very disturbing and I would urge all to sign the Avaaz petition.

Avaaz write: Hotels are one of the primary places where slave children are sold for sex by brutal pimps. And Hilton has not even signed up to a basic international Code of Conduct that forces hotels to train their staff to detect, report and assist girls and women forced into the sex industry. Hilton's action on this would be huge -- if they signed up to The Code, it would create a network of Hilton employees in 77 countries and 32,000 hotels working against the rape trade of women and children.

There is no time to lose in stopping this terrifying trade. Sign the petition for Hilton to implement The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children From Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism. When we hit 250,000 signatures, we'll take out ads in major newspapers in McLean, Virginia - the city where Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta lives and works:


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