1 Sep 2010

Who for Labour Leader?

The ballot papers for the Labour Party leadership fight are out. Vote Match tells me I'm an Abbott supporter, but I can't say any of them really get me going. I do share a number of views with Diane Abbott - and great to have a rebel like her in Labour - but how can she lead a party she disagrees so much with?? And let's face it, all the Labour leader condenders fail to understand we cannot continue to grow the economy. It just isn't possible.

I'm not sure how useful these Vote Match websites are - they maybe useful to some - the recent General Election saw nearly 300,000 complete a site re policies and when people voted on policies it saw the Green party take the largest share of the vote - see here - Labour came second.....see below...
  • Green Party 23.66%
  • Labour 20.35%
  • Lib Dems 17.83%
  • Conservatives 15.64%
  • UKIP 12.06%
  • BNP 10.47%
Those 'votes' don't seem to get translated into real votes - people still vote tactically - we need reform - real reform - not the tinkering proposed by Lib Dems with AV - see my blog on Proportional Representation here. Having said that I think Greens will be voting for AV - it wont bring in voices from smaller parties - indeed it would only bring in 22 more Lib Dems - well that's if they get the same vote as last time and their vote seems to have crumbled since they are propping up the Tory cuts - OK that's not entirely fair but I am shocked by the compromises - in particular the last budget changes leaving the poorest harder hit than the rich - I can see myself getting on to another blog topic - anyway at least AV is a small step in the right direction but what an opportunity missed to reform our electoral system.

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