21 Sep 2010

We need a million voices on GM

The European Commission has recently approved growing genetically modified crops in the European Union for the first time in 12 years! The commission has effectively ignored 60% of Europeans who feel we have to get the facts first before growing foods that could pose a threat to our health and environment.

Photo: Non-GM potato sprouting much earlier this year!

A new initiative allows 1 million EU citizens to make official legal requests of the European Commission. Avaaz is seeking to build a million voices for a ban on GM foods until the research is done; they will be delivered to the President Barroso of the European Commission. Sign the petition and forward this email to friends and family:

I recently wrote to our MEP Julie Girling on GM and Cloning - see here - disappointingly she has failed to respond - poor show indeed. Let's get a million voices to tell these politicians that they should be representing our views.


Garrat Elector said...

"disappointingly she has failed to respond - poor show indeed."

Yes, poor thing, she probably isn't getting a big enough grant, so cannot employ the staff she needs.

Philip Booth said...

Now had a response which I hope she wont mind if I copy below. I hope for news re her views in the near future:

21st September 2010

Thank you for your letter/blog, I did read your blog posting with interest and, as I’m sure you can imagine I have received lots of correspondence on the issue.

I’m sure that you will appreciate many local press across the region are still publishing the original article so the consultation is far from over.

I appreciate all of the points that you make in your letter and take on board the comments about GM and Animal Cloning. In addition to this, I will certainly endeavour to look at some of the links you have included in your blog for reference.

You will understand that this isn’t about me telling you my views but to listen to and reflect the views of constituents in general. As such, I will respond more fully to you in a few weeks’ time when most constituent responses will have been received.

If you would like me to address further concerns, please do contact my office directly. I will get back to you on this as soon as I can. Yours sincerely

Julie Girling MEP
Conservative Member for the South West
Environment, Public Health & Food Safety Committee