25 Sep 2010

Stop Frankenfish

I recently covered the film about Salmon locally - see here - well genetically engineered Salmon threaten all our Salmon. A local Friends of the Earth group has highlighted to me that the biotechnology industry has genetically engineered a fish that grows at twice the normal rate, so it can get to market sooner and make more money, faster.

The FDA in the US doesn’t even do its own testing of genetically engineered animals: it relies on information provided by the company that wants approval. And because genetically engineered (GE) salmon are being considered as a new animal drug, the process isn’t focused on what happens to people who eat genetically engineered animals. So on top of the health concerns posed by raising salmon in crowded factory fish farms that rely on antibiotics and other chemicals, the FDA could be adding the unknown risks of GE salmon to the mix.

The company cannot assure the world that GE Salmon will not escape into the world's oceans and interbreed with Wild Salmon which are already in vastly reduced numbers with some of their family of fish heading for endangered species status. Up to 2,000,000 farmed fish are already reported to escape into the Atlantic each year.

Take a quick email action to the White House and learn more here.



GM foods will succeed because the consumer will buy them unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Succeed in making profits for companies but destroying biodiversity and our health in the process

gigabiting said...

This is a really big decision. It will set a precedent for all future GE animals, and has implications that will ripple through the entire future of the U.S. food supply.
This is not the time for a rubber stamp approval.
There are a couple of things bugging me about this approval process.
Read: An Open Letter to the FDA