19 Sep 2010

Small wind turbines don't work: we need Stinchcombe turbines

First up why the small ones don't work then on why it would be great to submit something to planning about the proposed turbines at Stinchcombe.

Two real-world tests performed in the Netherlands and in the UK has confirmed earlier analysis that small wind turbines are a fundamentally flawed technology. Their financial payback time is much longer than their life expectancy, and in urban areas, some poorly placed wind turbines will not even deliver as much energy as needed to operate them (let alone energy needed to produce them). Given their long payback period relative to their life expectancy, most small wind turbines are net energy consumers rather than net energy producers. Read the whole story on the Oil Drum here.

In contrast there is much to support the larger wind turbines that are becoming increasingly more efficient - indeed the original 8 proposed for Stinchcombe would have provided 25% of Stroud Districts domestic needs! Ecotricity have now ressubmitted their planning application for the wind farm at Berkeley Vale. They have reduced the number of turbines in line with comments from local people to 4 turbines.

However, there are still likely to be local objections so, if you feel able to, any positive comments could greatly help the application. The planning application number is S.10/1638/FUL and you can comment on the Stroud District Council's website here - see other comments made here. A couple of lines is all you need to do.

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We have a nimby elite opposing turbines at Rushy Mead near Reading. As I have blogged before - the Vestas V90 when working to capacity can produce enough electricity in three hours to power 'an average European household' for one year.

We will get to the 15% renewables energy level committed to in the EU Directive however the laws being considered to stop nimbyism are long overdue.