23 Sep 2010

More trees pleeeeze

The Woodland Trust recently launched an initiative to double native woodland cover under the banner of More Trees, More Good. Part of this excellent initiative includes mass public consultation about where more trees should be planted through a campaign called MyView.

Photo: Randwick woods

This to me is a great idea and I wanted to publicise the details here in the hope that local folk might be interested.....here's what they say:

"MyView is a web-enabled system that allows people to take a photo of their local view that would benefit from more trees and load it onto the Woodland Trust website. People can then use our interactive, click and drag design programme to plant virtual trees and create a new 'treed' view for their community. It will enable people to visually demonstrate where they would like to see more trees and then allows them to create a written statement about why more trees in this space are important."

Once the design is finished, the programme creates an e-mail made up of images and statements of a personal MyView to share with their local councillor via e-mail. Acting like a visual petition, the software identifies the local councillor from the postcode or town name of the area people have re-designed and sends their MyView to me. The web site has lots of great info: http://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/myview


Vaibhav2400 said...

Excellent initiative by the Woodland Trust. This will encourage people to plant more trees and contribute to environment. Trees are very crucial factor in maintaining the biodiversity and ecosystem. Due to deforestation we have already lost numerous species. Before its too late we should take an action and save our planet by coming together and taking initiatives like planting trees, saving water, switching to renewable energy options, etc.

Here I would like to suggest you a great website that I came across where you can create fundraising projects for planting trees, raise a petition for various environmental issues, create communities, groups, and can learn much more on how you can do your bit about environment, sustainability, climate change, biodiversity, clean energy, green living, reducing your carbon footprint and so on, visit http://www.elpis.com

Philip Booth said...

Wasn't sure if the last comment was spam for a moment but welcome the contribution and indeed link to the Elpis website - I hadn't come across it - it looks interesting and I will watch to see how it develops - as noted on this blog before I have concerns about eco-products if they lead to more sales/consumerism - and concerns about off-setting - see for example article from a wee while ago: